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NICKNAME for our Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Plan: Our Southside St. Petersburg's grassroots community convergence of local & national non-profit organizations was chosen in the fall of 2022 to participate in a digital community engagement process by submitting 5 key questions for the Catalyst’s Joe Hamilton (publisher) for its BikesNBuses Conversation on Transportation (Episode 13 9/20/22) for its very successful My Mayoral Election Series to be broadcasted on its digital Civic Media Platform to some 135,000+ then current viewers.

Click Below Logo to view the nearly 3-year old development of our regional Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Asset Assemblage Plan project designed to now successfully compete for current 2024 Federal & State of Florida active transportation funding opportunities.


Once redlined now the cornerstone for Sustainable Multimodal Transportation Connecting our Peninsular

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